Malaysians now have access to Google’s AI-powered search results

Google has extended the availability of its Search Generative Experience (SGE) AI-powered search results to over 120 new countries, including Malaysia.

Users will get an AI-generated response to their query at the top of search results using this functionality. There will be connections in this response to the search results that served as its foundation.

The tool, according to the search engine behemoth, would enhance user experience and help users “understand a topic faster, discover new insights and ideas, and get things done more easily.”

By just turning it on, users can opt-in to the service through Google Search Labs, but this is limited to using Google Chrome. Otherwise, a notification requesting that customers install the Google browser will be displayed on the website.

Once you’ve agreed, people whose searches take the form of questions will immediately see the AI-generated responses.

In contrast, if a user merely types in a word or object’s name, they will be prompted to “get an AI-based overview for this search” and given the option to “generate” the response.

Just below the search box, you’ll find the “Converse” tab, where you can also choose to ask follow-up questions.

Search results will appear as usual in other browsers, but only when utilizing Google Chrome or the Google app will these AI-generated responses be visible.

Malaysians are now unable to use all of Google’s SGE services; as of this writing, this includes the image tool that the firm unveiled in October.

Additionally, it does not currently allow queries in Malay.

Noteworthy is the statement on the subscription page that the feature “ends in May 2024.” At that point, it’s unclear if the feature will be eliminated or made available to everyone without the need for a subscription.