Company owner fined RM14000 for submitting false claims for Penjana Kerjaya incentives

TERENGGANU, KUALA: On Thursday, Nov. 9, the Sessions Court punished a business owner RM14,000 for submitting fictitious paperwork in order to receive incentives under the Penjana Kerjaya 2.0 program, which was worth RM85,500 two years prior.

Burhanuddin Helmi Che Awang, 29, was fined by Judge Mohd Azhar Othman following his guilty plea to two of the other offenses he was facing.

The accused was fined RM6,000 for the first offense and faced two months in jail by default; for the second charge, the default penalty was RM8,000 and the jail term was three months. He covered his fines.

In the first accusation, Burhanuddin Helmi was accused of applying for an incentive of RM40,600 from the Social Security Organization (Socso) by submitting a fictitious employee verification form for the Hiring Incentive Program.

In the second case, he was charged with mailing a document to a Socso agent with fraudulent information in order to receive an incentive valued at RM44,900.

The offenses were perpetrated on June 18 and June 19, 2021, respectively, in Wisma Perkeso.

The offense was defined in article 471 of the Penal Code, and it is penalized under article 465 of the same code, which, in the event of a conviction, carries a maximum two-year prison sentence, a fine, or both.