Alleged Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hands-on photos show off its titanium frame

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hands-on photos show off its titanium frame

According to purported real-life images, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra would resemble the iPhone with its titanium frame and flat appearance.
With a 6.8-inch flat display and minimized bezels, the next flagship phone is anticipated to include improvements over drastic alterations from its predecessor.
The normal S24 and S24+ models in Europe and Asia may have Samsung’s Exynos SoC, while the S24 Ultra may use a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor for AI capabilities. There might be adjustments made to the camera configuration, such as swapping out the 10x telephoto lens with a 5x sensor with improved resolution.

According to rumors, the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung’s 2024 flagship, might launch as early as mid-January of that year. This implies that the release of Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone is less than two months away. Unsurprisingly, more and more phone leaks are appearing online as the anticipated launch date draws nearer. With its titanium frame and flat display reminiscent of the iPhone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is now visible to us in real life thanks to today’s leak.

Earlier this month, X user David Martin posted pictures of the Galaxy S24 Ultra on the site that looked to be in the Titanium Gold color. It’s clear from looking at them that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature an even more streamlined appearance than the S23 Ultra.

Even though the photos don’t appear phony, you should proceed with caution, especially since this individual has no prior history of disclosing private phone conversations. But the phone’s design is consistent with everything we have heard about it thus far and the leaked S24 Ultra renders: a titanium frame, a flat display, and a flat frame reminiscent of the iPhone. With its sharp edges that bite into the palm of your hand, the S24 Ultra’s flat frame may make it difficult to operate with one hand.

All of the leaks point to the Galaxy S23 Ultra being the model that Samsung will build upon for their next flagship phone rather than making significant alterations. The display size, which is 6.8 inches, is anticipated to stay the same despite the transition to a flat panel, and the surrounding bezels will also be shrunk. It appears that the panel will reach a maximum brightness of 2,500 nits.

Inside, there are reports that the S24 Ultra will be powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 “for Galaxy” CPU, which, in addition to standard speed enhancements, is expected to offer a plethora of AI capabilities to the device. It’s interesting to note that Samsung may employ its own Exynos SoC on the S24 and S24+ models in Asia and Europe, keeping the Snapdragon processor reserved for the Ultra.

It’s not expected that the camera configuration will change much on the S24 Ultra in 2019. It appears that Samsung intends to replace its 10x telephoto lens with a larger, 5x sensor with greater resolution. The new sensor should take better pictures despite the reduction in zoom range because of its allegedly bigger size, which allows it to collect more light. Still, images taken at a 50x or 100x zoom may suffer from the lower focal length. The Galaxy S24 Ultra may not be able to take moon images as effectively as its predecessor unless Samsung employs a lot of AI wizardry.

It’s likely that Samsung will provide additional information regarding its upcoming flagship phone in the next few weeks, as there are less than two months until the event.